Anna Maria Island Snook fishing with Captain Ryan Taylor

Snook are one of the most acrobatic an exciting game fish Anna Maria Island Tampa Bay has to offer backwater fishing.

Snook could be caught your round here but were usually find the best time to fish for them using live bait is when the water temperature is above 70° and the tide is moving. The Snook has a very distinctive body shape featuring a tapered head underslug jaw, large fins, and a prominent black stripe running the full length of the lateral line. The coloration is generally dark gray to black on the dorsal surface to shading to silvery on the sides. The fins are yellowish. Snook are known to be one of the best fish for all around fighting ability. The fight usually has several long runs, and some thrilling jumps. Small Snook leap high into the air while larger females usually clear about half their bodies out of the water. Snook are also known for using man groves, docks or any obstruction to their advantage to break the line.

The average size Snook around Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay is 20 to 30 inches or 3 to 10 pounds. Although Snook about 45 inches or 30 pounds are not uncommon, especially around and inlets and passes during the summer months. This is when spawning takes place. Their food value is ranked high with the locals. Snook season opens March 1 of 2018 and remains open till May 1 and you can keep one fish per day in the slot 28 to 23 inches. We are generally using light tackle 10 pound line with a 30 pound later casting life shiner to catch these exciting Snook. Book your trip today with Captain Ryan Taylor. Anna Maria Island Snook Fishing.

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